Momma, you’re too busy…

to go down the YouTube workout rabbit hole again.

Ready for a strong & sexy mom bod?

After a baby (or two) you just don’t recognize the body you see in the mirror anymore.

Tired—no, EXHAUSTED—you don’t have the energy (let alone the time) to figure out a plan to get in shape and then actually do it.

You’ve tried several diets and exercise programs, but nothing fit with juggling mom-ing (yes, it’s a verb!), work, family, friends, all the things.

And with everything going on, you just want some “adult supervision“—someone to tell you what to do so (for once) you don’t have to think or make a decision.

If this sounds all too familiar, explore these ways to work with me.


Small Group Coaching

Fit By Bit


I’m Coach Mack

As an avid food lover, I’m no stranger to the struggles of enjoying the finer things in life (like bacon & Reese’s) balanced with living a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve found the thing that helps the most: HABITS!

The scale reached its highest for me when I was getting paid to help athletes reach their peak performance – talk about feeling like a fraud!

But here I am down 25 pounds (watch my story on YT) and taking my coaching knowledge and personal weight loss experience and combining them to help you feel like YOU in your skin again.

If it sounds like I might be a good fit to be your “fitness mom” (my clients have actually called me that) you can read my full intro here to know for sure.

"I love the support from Coach Mack, from the community, and even from the programs we use! There are workouts for every fitness level. I have been challenged with the variety of workouts, and I know I have gotten much stronger!"

Bobbi Jo C.

"The best part of the coaching I received, was her attention to detail and making me feel like I was the only one she was coaching. I know that she probably has dozens of other clients to coach, but she gave so much of her time and energy to making me feel cared for and motivated to make my health a priority, because I knew I wasn't alone."

Angela M.

"Coach Mack is genuine and will always tailor your program based on what works for YOU and your body. Her coaching is very focused on feeling stronger and more confident and taking care of your body instead of fighting against it!"

Ayesha S.

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