3 Things to Become a Morning Worker Outer – Healthy Habits for Consistent Workouts

Mar 23, 2023

Before I dive into my morning workout experimentation, I want to first put a disclaimer that I LIKE working out, and I like working out in the afternoon. As a “work from homer”, my afternoon workout is akin to my commute – it is what separates my work day from my evening. And, again, I like it!

After doing some research into circadian rhythms for the Fit By Bit trainings, I decided it’s time to give something new a go. Working out during certain times of day can help optimize our body’s natural cycles and amp-up results – so why not give it a try?!

All that being said, it’s not easy. It’s pretty simple, but not easy. And since you’re pressed for time (who isn’t) I wanted to share these three things that have helped me – and that may help you if you’re starting a workout routine, too (no matter what time of day).

It’s Going to Suck

Let’s just get this out of the way first – yes, it does suck a little. It means falling asleep on the couch during your favorite show because you’ve been up since the wee hours. And it means sacrificing those precious moments of sleep – the mental battle that ensues each morning is no joke. Plus thanks to stupid daylight savings, it means getting up before dawn when it’s still dark outside (although not for long!).

One of my biggest gripes – for now – is that I don’t feel like I workout out as hard as I do in the afternoon either. It makes sense… I’m still half asleep and not even close to warmed up like I would be after a full day of being awake. So it sucks even more that it seems like I’m waking up for a half-assed workout on some days. But read on for why that’s going to have to be okay for now.

It’s a Process

Like anything else worth doing, this isn’t something that happens overnight. I know I have to be consistent and stick with it if I want to see results and make morning workouts my norm. Luckily I began this experiment with the start of the Fitter Faster program and was able to ease into it. It’s much easier to begin the day with some yoga than it is a crazy HIIT workout.

It’s been my way of starting small and easing into the routine until my body adjusts to all the newness of it. I know that the half-assed feeling won’t last and I’ll get back to my regular intensity. Establish the habit first, and then improve it; trust the process.

Keep Going!

This is one of my foundational beliefs – as long as you don’t quit, you can’t fail! I continue telling myself this because I believe it to my core. Some days I may press snooze or sleep in all together, but I know when that happens I just have to try again.

When, not if, something doesn’t go according to plan or gets tough along the way just keep keepin’ on – because eventually morning workouts will become my norm. And I KNOW I want it to be my norm because I enjoy the days where I have worked out, gotten ready for the day, and fed/walked the pup all before 8am. I feel like a rock star. If I keep coming back to that feeling, I know I can keep going.

Summing it all up, making changes can be daunting but also extremely rewarding! Becoming a morning worker-outer (or any time really!) is no exception – it takes commitment and consistency. Plus I can guarantee it will be incredibly beneficial both physically and mentally. So next time you’re struggling to get your body moving do these 3 things: embrace the suck, trust the process and keep going – trust me, it will be worth it in the end! Good luck and I’m here if you need that extra nudge.

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