I went back through my FitBit history and this is the most active week I have had in over a year! I’m loving it!

30 For 30 Participant

So dang proud of myself for actually doing it. It’s been so great and can definitely see that this is a start of a new me!

30 For 30 Participant

Thank you for the motivation, which I didn’t know had been lacking for so long. I’ve been working with a trainer for 3 years but have never been consistent with the weekly follow through after our sessions.

30 For 30 Participant

30 Min for 30 Days Challenge


April 1-30, 2023

Challenge Includes:

  • 1-Month in the Fit By Bit Facebook Group (where the challenge takes place)
  • Daily ~30-min workouts for the whole month of April (cardio, strength, HIIT, yoga, pilates, recovery, etc)
  • Encouragement, motivation, accountability and positivity
  • Just $30 per person (that’s only $1/day!)

While you wait for the next 30 Min for 30 Days Challenge, start with the FREE Fit In Five 5-Day Challenge!

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I started to see REAL benefits of doing something daily – that was the real spark!

30 For 30 Participant