Don’t Wait in Holiday Limbo

Nov 4, 2021 | Beliefs, Ownership

Did November smack you in the face, too?

Maybe after the shut down last year causing time to creep on by is lending this year to pass at warp speed.

That’s my theory anyway.

But it explains why November arriving this week hit me like the 4th cocktail – I’m still woozy.

With November comes all the holiday things.

Holiday parties, traveling to see family you only see once a year, and SO.MUCH.EATING.

Two Ways To Get Ready

With that in mind, I’m betting you’re in one of two camps: the “bring it on” camp where you’ve got it together and are ready to fa-la-la the shit out of the next 2 months.

You’re consistently working out and/or moving your body each day; you’re in the routine of meal planning and maybe even prepping.

And best of all, you’re feeling fantastic!

You’re finally at a place where you’re seeing your consistency pay off and it feels awesome. Your body is telling you exactly what it needs, and for the first time in your life, you’re listening to it and it has you feeling better than you’ve felt in a really long time.


You’re in the resigned camp where you’re taking the next two months as they come, and you’ll worry about getting your shit together in 2022.

You’re on the no-plan plan for the holidays, dreading each party or social gathering because you’ll have to decide which outfit you hate the least.

Plus you’ll then have to navigate the food/drink situation that comes with each one. Inevitably your plan ends up going to shit anyways and you eat more than you wanted and you drink more than planned, wondering why it seems so easy for others to fa-la-la the shit out of the holidays.

If you’re in the ladder camp, keep reading, this is specifically for you.

If you’re in the former camp, major kudos and you can keep reading too for some extra motivation.

Holiday Slumps Are Real

If you’re in the resigned camp, I’m glad you’re still here with me… I want you to know that you don’t have to stay in the resigned camp.

Holiday slumps are a real thing – watching everyone else seem to enjoy all the festivities and holiday cheer while all you want to do is hibernate and do, well, nothing.

And that’s okay! You’re allowed to hibernate and take care of you.

But the key part of that is that you’re still taking care of you. That you don’t let the holiday slump mean you neglect taking care of yourself.

And if you want to be one of those women who’s fa-la-la-ing the shit out of the holidays, you can! But don’t wait to start in 2022.

Start NOW!

If you make the conscious choice to get out of the resigned camp and instead start today, you’ll be two months ahead when Jan 1 hits.

You’ll be well into establishing those habits where you’re taking care of yourself and prioritizing yourself! (can’t pour from an empty cup, remember?)

Plus, you won’t get caught up in the resolution rat race – you know, the one where everyone sets resolutions and then quits them 4-6 weeks later? Yeah, that one.

You won’t let the hype get to your head because you’ll already have momentum and PROOF that what you’re doing is working, you just need to stay the course. 

Start Today

If it sounds too good to be true, I promise you it’s not.

Start today with something as simple as 5 minutes. Really, just 5 minutes!

As you get into the habit of 5 minutes, you’ll find it’s just as easy to do 6, and then 7 and so on.

So in two months you’ll be well on your way instead of staying here in limbo for the next couple months.

Now, get going! 😉

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