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Oct 21, 2021 | Activity, Consistency

It’s tough to overestimate how influenced we are by those around us.

Think of the shows you watch – hear your friends talking about it?

Or an Audible book you just got – recommendation from a colleague?

Even a restaurant you’re saving for date night – raved about by your neighbor?

Because we’re such social creatures, it’s no surprise that the things those around us do, also influence what we do. Everything from our clothes to our lingo to our social norms.

Which is why having people around you who also value themselves and their health is a MASSIVE factor for you and your lifestyle, too.

Changing Norms

First thing first… if it wasn’t obvious from above – having those around you who partake in a healthy lifestyle will also influence YOU to share some of those healthy lifestyle things.

If you have friends who are willing to go on walks with you, or to the gym with you, or even ones who are willing to prioritize a workout over a social outing, that rubs off on you as being ‘okay’ to do for yourself.

When your in-laws want to try a new restaurant and understand, without question, the desire to split dessert, it makes your desire to do it feel normal… cuz let’s be real – we want dessert!

Maybe instead of always meeting up for dinner and drinks, you and your friends meet up for an adult playdate for paintball or some other non-food adventure (book club, fishing, painting the bathroom in your house, etc.). You’d be surprised how much better you’ll know your friends/what you’ll learn about them when you branch out and do a variety of activities with them.

When family and friendly interactions revolve around MORE than just food, and instead creates normalcy around doing things where you can spend time with each other AND take care of yourselves at the same time, you’re reestablishing what your sense of ‘normal’ is.

More Than Food And Exercise

An added perk of branching outside of the normal food and drink routines is that you get support in other areas of your life as well.

Your health isn’t just about what you eat and how much you exercise.

It’s about you as an entire person – your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health. ALL of you. And when you create new and broader experiences, you allow more of yourself into your relationships with others. They get to see more of the whole you.

Which also means deeper relationships because you’ll get a chance to connect on other levels.

For example, on a recent coaching call for my 3-month intensive program, one of the women was having a rough week with a sick baby and felt like she was on the struggle bus all around.

Another of the women could TOTALLY relate and shared stories of when she felt like that, along with giving words of encouragement to the first woman. It normalized it for her and let her know she’s not alone and that she’s doing a damn good job.

When you have people around you who “get it” and who understand what you’re trying to do by prioritizing your health and well-being, that normalcy and support can be all you need to keep going.

Going With the Flow

And really, that’s what we all want for our efforts to get and stay healthy. We want to keep going and stay consistent so we can see the fruits of our efforts.

So when you’ve got people around you who make it normal to have the ups and downs; who support you in building a healthier, more active lifestyle; who have been there themselves even – it changes your sense of what’s normal.

Having that new normal makes it easier because you’re not feeling like the awkward one out. You don’t have the feeling of making people plan around your lifestyle. It doesn’t sound absurd when you suggest an activity rather than a meal.

You’re not having to go against the grain of the standard American (and very unhealthy) lifestyle, and instead you can go with the flow of the new normal with those around you.

We’re heavily influenced by those around us, and that can be of benefit to us or not so much. But we get to choose!

Note: this isn’t intended as an invitation to expel people in your life who are unhealthy, but rather set a boundary with your new healthy norms and invite them to participate in those new healthy norms, too!

While you’re benefiting from the norms of healthy people around you, it’s a chance to pay it forward as well! It’s a win-win!!

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