FINALLY get back in shape this fall – anytime, anywhere …

even if you’ve never actually stuck to a plan before.

Summer’s almost over and while it was a blast, are you a little bummed at how far you let yourself go?

Did you eat all the things (Reese’s s’mores included) and drink all the drinks (margs and mimosas for the win)?

And while it has been so much fun after being pent up for a year, it has you feeling a little *yuck* compared to the beginning of the summer.

Plus, if we’re being real, it likely hasn’t done your waistline any favors either.

So now you’re ready to get back on track, but where do you even begin?!

A new diet you heard about on the interwebs?

But is it just another fad? And will you have to starve yourself? (cuz, been there, done that and it sucks)

Or maybe sign up for the gym that just reopened?

Although, now that you think of it, you’ve done that before and you end up never using your membership because you aren’t even sure what to do for a workout.

If what you tried before worked, it would have already worked by now.

Deep down you know you hate the yo-yo-ing and constantly trying a new diet, new workout program or “next best diet” thing.

If any of them actually worked, they would have worked by now because you KNOW you’ve tried them all.

You don’t need a new plan, you need a new approach.

Instead of hopping from diet to diet and workout plan to workout plan, what if your lifestyle was set up in such a way where you didn’t even have to think about it anymore?

Imagine if exercising everyday was a non-negotiable and didn’t require an hour just for logistics of childcare and going to/from the gym?

No more trying to move things around to fit it into your day (cuz we all know it never fits like we plan).

Imagine choosing foods that make you feel good and energized rather than reaching for whatever is convenient at the time, but regretting it 15 minutes later.

Imagine having an awesome relationship with your body and your mind instead of letting those negative thoughts run wild and ruin your mood, making you snap at those around you.

Finding that approach that works specifically for YOU is harder than you think.

The problem is all those $19.99 meal plans and $27 8-week workout plans are cookie cutter, cut and paste PDFs that don’t take YOUR life into account.

Plus the fact that when you’re ready to get back in shape (like now), you want results YESTERDAY.

Which is why all the 7-minute ab fitness gurus are selling you the magic diet pill, but don’t actually build a healthy lifestyle into those ab routines.

Luckily, you know someone who geeks out over building a healthy lifestyle that fits YOUR life. (hi, that’s me!)

It’s possible to get back in shape AND still enjoy the occasional Reese’s indulgence.

You can live spontaneously and not have to track every calorie that goes into your mouth WHILE still getting leaner (and getting that booty to perk up again).

There is such a thing as moderation and you can enjoy it with energy and confidence!

By using your everyday habits and routines you already do, the Fall Fit Up will help you find the approach that works for you and fits into your life, without a massive overhaul.

What is the Fall Fit Up you ask??

It’s a 3-month program to FINALLY get back in shape.

Whether it’s been the summer of indulging after Covid, or even the past few years since kids came along and your career is blossoming, these next three months are a time to focus on YOU getting that perky booty back.

With a small, intimate group of women alongside you, Coach Mack provides ~30min workouts each day, coaches you through various health-related topics each week, and is there for encouragement, support, and accountability.

This isn’t like those other cookie cutter programs though, you’ll get the individualized support you need to really make those small changes stick, and watch them add up to big results.

Plus, it’s WAYY more fun getting back in shape with a group who can both commiserate and cheer you on.

The 2021 Fall Fit Up runs from Augst 16th-November 16th.

Nice to Meet You!

Hey there, I’m Coach Mack, founder of Running with Bacon, where I believe getting and staying healthy should be FUN!!

I coached strength and conditioning for Division 1 collegiate athletes for five years and realized that the same fun aspect of sports is what was missing from maintaining a healthy, everyday life.

Plus with an exercise science undergraduate degree and health promotion masters degree, I’ve got the formal science background to bring it full circle.

And if you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a thing for Reese’s so you’re in good company. Oh, and if you can handle real housewives gifs, you’re in the right place!

During the Fall Fit Up, you’ll …

🥓 Finally embrace getting back in shape, boosting both your energy and confidence

🥓 Save time getting healthy (just ~30min per day) while still getting results

🥓 Remove the overwhelm – let me help you find the approach that works for YOUR life

🥓 Improve your relationship with food and exercise – no more hating yourself for what you ate and then punishing yourself with exercise because of it

🥓 Come away with the habits and routines that make getting (and staying) healthy automatic so you rarely have to think about it

🥓 Make a new life long friend (or two) who provide support, motivation and accountability on your journey

What’s Included

Unfortunately, *bacon is NOT included* in the program … shipping it is a logistical nightmare, I tell ya!

But here’s what IS included in the Fall Fit Up that begins on August 16th:


Save the time and stress of figuring out your workout plan as you receive a week-by-week workout plan (30min per day) that can be done from the comfort of your home with no equipment needed!

Plus join Coach Mack every Saturday morning for a virtual 30-min workout via Zoom – no special equipment required, just show up ready to sweat!

Recordings will be made available in the group.


An hour-long weekly coaching session via Zoom to keep you on track.

Share your progress for the week, ask questions, troubleshoot issues, and get coached on various topics like recovery, nutrition, healthy habit building and more.

Recordings of the calls will be made available in the group.


To fast-track your progress, make the most of the program by utilizing these two 45min sessions however you want!

Get 1-on-1 coaching during a hard week; at the beginning and end of the three months; or however else you want to use them to get help slimming down.


Being in a group of other health-minded women makes getting healthier easier – it reinforces your efforts to getting healthy in a sustainable and FUN way!

You’ll both give and receive motivation and accountability from not only Coach Mack as your health coach, but also fellow women in the group.

Accountability improves your chance of reaching your goal by 65%! Which is why the private community has been the feature of the program that previous participants have been most surprised with – the impact of having this small, intimate group to be on this journey is unparalleled.


While ‘on demand’ means different things to different people, when you join the Fall Fit Up, you’re getting me (Coach Mack) basically on tap.

When you’re not motivated for the day’s workout – message me (text or FB messenger or Voxer), I got you.

When you need a healthier recipe option as you’re meal planning – message me, I got you.

When you’re growing impatient with yourself – message me, I got you.

“I’m doing the program with Coach Mack now, and loving it! I wasn’t sure if 30 min a day would have an impact but I saw results in the first week!“

Amanda T.

Questions You May Have

What's the time commitment?

If you’re wondering how you’re going to make time for this when you hardly have time for the gym and some days you hardly even have time to shower.

Then this group program can help!

Getting healthy doesn’t require hours, or even one hour, in the gym each day.

My coaching revolves around setting up your life and your habits so getting healthy becomes more automatic (thus saving you time).

And you can consider the weekly calls your “me time” because you’ll come out of them re-energized and ready to stay on track!

In addition, everything is kept in the Facebook community so you can absorb it on your own time.

What type of workouts am I getting myself into?

There is HUGE variety of workouts during the Fall Fit Up. Everything from HIIT and Tabata cardio intervals to Yoga, Pilates, and recovery-based workouts.

They’re sourced from top-notch, vetted-by-Coach-Mack fitness apps and YouTube channels, plus the Live workouts that Coach Mack puts together each Saturday.

I haven’t worked out in years, will this be too much for me?

If you’re wondering how to get back into it, rest assured, Coach Mack has your back!

While the program isn’t recommended for complete beginners (as in, never worked out before), there is a science behind the workouts and there are recovery days built into the programming.

After the first couple weeks you’ll be remembering what it was like before kids!

Is this program for me?

If you’re tired of being disappointed in one diet after another and one workout program after another, this is for you.

This isn’t another diet program or culty workout thing (yeah, I’m talking to you, Crossfit).

Instead, it’s real life things to implement and change the way you’re getting healthy, in a way that works.

You aren’t the same person you were 5, 10, or even 20 years ago, so getting healthy isn’t going to look the same either. It doesn’t require hours-long workouts and lifting sessions, and who has time for that anyways?!

Am I guaranteed to lose weight?

While I would love to guarantee everyone lose the excess weight they’ve been carrying around for years, I simply can’t make the guarantee that you’ll lose a certain number of pounds, gain a certain amount of muscle or get to a specific body fat percentage.

But I can guarantee that if you’re willing to put in the little bit of effort that this program asks of you, you’ll come out of it feeling better about your health than you have in a long time.

See you on the inside!

Listen, I know how hard it is to stick to a plan and how frustrating it is when you don’t see results, but I know this program will change your life.

Don’t spend another second looking in the mirror and wishing it could be different – IT CAN BE DIFFERENT!

Sign up today and get ready to say “hey girl, heeeyyyyyy” in that very same mirror!