How Long Do I Need To Workout?

Feb 10, 2022 | Activity

Confused about how long you should workout to get results? In this video I share the right amount of time for your workouts where you’ll actually get results!

The government (Department of Health & Human Services) says each week we should be getting:

  • 150 minutes of moderate activity OR 75 minutes of vigorous activity
  • 2 weight training sessions

But that doesn’t actually tell us what we should be doing in terms of length of workouts or number of days per week, etc.

Most videos out there for how long you need to workout are based on specific goals (like running a marathon or increasing your deadlift) or they’re bro-science on how to maximize getting swole (no judgment here, I just don’t need giant biceps).

So if you’re wondering how long you should work out for general fitness – so you’re not out of breath taking the laundry bin up the stairs or playing with your kids at the park, then this video is for you.

And the answer might surprise you! 😉

After watching, sign up for the Fit In Five 5-Day Challenge below and see for yourself how it all adds up.


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