How to Stay Motivated – the Secret to Workout & Healthy Eating MOTIVATION

Feb 3, 2022 | Beliefs, Consistency

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Struggling to stay motivated to workout or eat healthy? In this video I share the secret to staying motivated to workout, eat healthy and lose weight.

Motivation is unreliable at best – mostly there when we don’t need it, and nowhere to be found when we’re struggling to go for a run or to make dinner instead of ordering take out again.

So then how do we get motivated to finally stay consistent and reach our health goals?


Specifically the law of inertia – it says that objects at rest stay at rest.

Which means ACTION is the only way to overcome that inertia. Action comes before motivation, not the other way around like we’ve been led to believe.

Often times the thing that’s keeping us from getting into action isn’t a lack of motivation, it’s that the thing we’re trying to do is too big of a thing.

For example, if I ask you to go for a 30 minute run, that may sound like a massive effort.

But if I ask you to put on your sneakers, it’s much less of an ask and is a way to get you into action, without waiting for spontaneous motivation to strike.

Coming back to inertia – big efforts (like a long run mentioned above) mean big inertia to overcome. Small efforts (like putting on your sneakers) mean small inertia to overcome.

Instead of counting on … err… waiting around for… motivation to hit you, break down your desired behavior into the smallest thing that will get the ball rolling.

Then once you’re successfully doing the behavior, you’re willing to do the next smallest action, and the next and the next.

Take my post-work workout for example. My three steps are:

  • Shut down my laptop
  • Fill up my water cup
  • Change into workout clothes

By the time I’ve changed into workout clothes, I’ve gained the momentum to keep going!

Enter intertia again – objects at motion stay in motion – so you can use that momentum to keep going because you’re already DOING the behavior.

Determine what your first action is – the smallest thing that will get the ball rolling and start there to build momentum, which results in the motivation to keep doing it.

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