Is Your Self-Care Routine actually SELF-HATE??

Jun 23, 2022 | Beliefs

Are your self-care healthy habits and routines really based in self-hate? Watch below to find out what to do if they are!

Are your healthy habits self-hatred secretly disguised as self-care routines?

Do you use exercise as self-care when in reality you’re punishing yourself for the pizza you ate last night?

Or did you skip lunch today in anticipation of going nuts tonight with the wine and cheesecake?

The mental beating we give ourselves, which results in extra physical punishment – which are typically seen as healthy habits (going for a run, eating a salad, etc.) – are NOT self-care. They’re actually self-ate disguised as self-care.

So what can you do instead? Watch until the end to find out what will get you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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