There’s only ONE way you can fail at your health: if you stop trying.

That’s the single message of this entire post, so if you get nothing else from me as a coach, I hope you get that.

When you stop trying to get healthier, or to do better, or to live better… that’s literally the only way you can fail. When you give up.

Otherwise, you’re never a failure, you’re never “starting over”.

“I’m Afraid I’ll Let Myself Down Again”

This is something I’ve heard over and over from clients – that they’ve tried before to get healthy and stick with it, but say they’ve failed and are afraid to let themselves down again.

Sound familiar?

If so, I ask you to open your mind and allow me to challenge this notion.

Even the healthiest person on earth is still trying to be their healthiest. The attempts to be healthy never cease – we don’t get to a healthy status then proclaim, “I made it, now bring on the cakes and cookies cuz I don’t have to try anymore!”

And this is why you will never be a failure as long as you’re still trying.

Each day is a new day to be healthier. In fact, each meal and each choice is a new attempt to get healthy. So you’ve got countless instances where you can intervene and make the choice to get a little healthier.

You only need to choose the healthier choice 51% of the time to work toward being healthy. Of course you’d get healthier faster if it was 95% of the time, but progress is progress!


So you’re sitting there reading this and thinking about how you’ve had a few days (or months, or years) of little to no working out/moving your body. Add in a string of less than ideal food choices. And you’ve found yourself in a full blown downward spiral and are telling yourself you failed. Again.

But the desire is there. You KNOW what it feels like to feel good and you want that feeling back.

Yet somehow, you can’t seem to gain any traction. There’s no motivation because you feel so far gone.

What if I were to tell you I’ve been there. Multiple times. And so has most everyone else. You’re not alone in the spiral at all!

The trick to getting out is one choice. Just one.

Make one choice that will get you a tiny bit healthier – go for a five minute walk; choose the chocolate chip granola bar instead of the chocolate chip cookie; swap out water for the soda.

Make that one choice and acknowledge that you just chose to get a little healthier. You are, in fact, in control, and you CAN do this.

Then use that one choice as momentum to make another healthier choice, and then another and another.

Soon you’ll build the momentum and confidence to continue on the health journey you’ve got in your mind. And you’ll feel good and know you’re on the right track.

And when you fall off track, you know how to get back on? (you smartie, I know you know) One choice.

You Choose

That’s why you can’t be a failure… unless you stop trying.

Because you’re only one choice away from getting healthier.

Every single choice we have is an opportunity to get healthier, or to not get healthier. Even if it’s been weeks or months or years, you’re not a failure, and you haven’t failed.

Healthy isn’t a destination, it’s just the summation of choices you make each day to feel your best. After all, that’s the whole point of getting healthy – to live a better, more full life. And there’s no such thing as failing at that… unless you quit!

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