Overwhelmed by Workout Options? Start Here.

Oct 7, 2021 | Activity

There are endless amounts of workouts on the ole interwebs, so many that YouTube won’t even tell you how many there are. But we’re talking hundreds of thousands.

And if you do the math (I’m a nerd and I’ve done it for you) and assume the average workout is ~30 minutes, each 100,000 workouts provides almost six YEARS of workouts.

That’s six years straight, with no breaks to sleep, eat, work, or live life.

So to say there are plenty of free workouts out there is an understatement.

Definition of Overwhelm

However, that many workouts can seem intimidating, overwhelming even.

A business coach of mine says overwhelm is simply the abundance of everything you’ve asked for.

I’m paraphrasing, but in this case, she’s spot on with free workouts – there’s an (over) abundance of free workouts.

And it’s probably leaving you unsure where to start – what’s a good one to start with? What about if you’ve got a lingering injury? Which ones are fun?! And which ones will leave you ready to do it again tomorrow?

There’s no real formula to sift through the hundreds of thousands of them and give you answers to those questions.

Just Start

However, there is one way I recommend finding those answers – just start.

Start moving.

Start trying the workouts.

If you like them, try the next workout on that channel.

If you only like the one workout, save it as a favorite on your YouTube page.

If you like the entire channel, subscribe so you get notified when they release new workouts.

If you don’t like the workouts, just move on.

It seems intimidating at first with all the bajillions of workouts, but if you just start, you’ll begin figuring out what your style is and what works best for you.

Some of them provide more instruction than others so you can learn proper technique; others are great at providing modifications; even others are fantastic at motivating you when you don’t really want to get moving.

The only way to find which ones you like best is to try them.

It won’t take you six years of continuous exercise to figure out your preferences.

If You’re Not There Yet

If you’re not even to this phase yet, not ready to start finding YouTube workouts on your own, you’re in luck as I’ve got a couple places for you to start.

First, you can start even smaller – like just five minutes kind of small.

Grab my Fit In Five (below) and you’ll get 9 circuits that take ~5 minutes for free, but they still count 100% toward moving your body.

Next, if you’re ready to move your body more, but just don’t want to have to think about it, check out Fit By Bit, my group coaching membership.

In it, I provide ~30 minute workouts for you every.single.day (and lots of other awesome stuff too!).

Save yourself the time of sifting through all the hundreds of thousands of workouts out there and instead, just check the group for the workout that day.

It might be just the thing you need to get into the habit of moving your body, and eventually you may be ready to go it alone.

But I think once you try it out, you’ll see it’s way more fun doing it with others.

Regardless of where you choose to begin getting back in shape, the #1 way to do it is to get started!

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