I’ve got a few facts for ya: 

  1. NO ONE (it’s in caps for a reason) will care more about your health than you do. Ever.
  2. NO ONE (yep, again) cares more about how you feel than you do.
  3. NO ONE (still in caps) cares more about how you look than you do.

If you’re doubting me on #3 and saying people judge your weight or what you wear or your hair or your makeup, etc. then tell me why you spent an hour getting ready only to have NO ONE comment on how you look (ravishing, I’m sure). I’m simply pointing out how we’re all too narcissistic to be thinking of someone else’s outfit because we’re so engrossed in judging how we look in our own outfit. I bet that like me, you’re your own worst critic.

Being An Owner

My whole reason for giving you those introductory facts is to make it clear that YOU are the sole owner of your health, how you look, and how you feel. NO ONE will care more about it than you. Ever. And what a powerful thing it is to be an owner of something; to have something so amazing (your body) belong to you and only you. 

Ever thought of it that way?

Probably not. 

But I bet you’ve got a car. And I bet you take care of it – you put gas and oil in it; when an idiot light comes on, you take it in for servicing; you might even give it an occasional run through the car wash (it’s a big deal when my car gets a bath). By doing these things you’re showing that you’re a proud owner of a fine American automobile (shout out to my Caddy!). 

As you should be! The automobile is quite a feat of man, getting us where we need and want to go. An engineering godsend that makes life sooo much easier than it otherwise would be.

The Catch

Did you know there’s over 270 million vehicles on the road in the U.S.? They’re breaking down and then subsequently making new ones faster than we can buy them. It’s an industry with annual sales over $270 billion (with a B – not a typo). Did you notice the catch though – when they break down, we can fix it or buy a new one if needed.

Whereas our bodies are FAR rarer and harder to come by. We don’t have a petri dish of replacement parts for when our body’s idiot lights come on (hello chronic back pain, diabetes, sleep issues, etc.). Nor can we go down to the dealership and get us the latest model of pre-fabbed human bodies. Yet for some reason we generally take better care of our cars than we do ourselves. Seems weird, right?

That we’re such good and proud owners of something so easily replaced, but when it comes to something irreplaceable, we’re quick to relegate it to the bottom of the list. Man, how backwards do we have it?!

There’s Hope

Boy, is there hope though!! We’re at a time when information access is at an all time high. We aren’t limited to our home down doctor’s knowledge or experience aymore. All the information we need to optimally take care of ourselves is literally at our fingertips. 

Need a healthier recipe for dinner? Google it! Want to figure out what calories really are and how they work in our bodies? Google it! Need to figure out how to start exercising? Google it! Want to find out how stress affects your mood, and why? Google it!

Our lack of proud ownership over our bodies is what got us into this situation, but take a stand by refusing to play the victim to the circumstances we’ve created. Don’t rely on your doctor to tell you how to lose weight – they’ve gotta know about everything from toe fungi to the common cold virus to Alzheimers to bone growth. Take ownership of your body and learn how to care for it. Don’t rely on your grocery store to know what food you need – most major supermarket chains have nearly 40,000 skus (aka items) at any given time. Take ownership of your body and learn how to fuel it.

Earlier I mentioned what an engineering feat the automobile is, but did you know the human body is more mechanically efficient than the average vehicle? (25% for humans vs 20% for the average vehicle). Not to mention, we generally put the correct fuel into cars. Imagine if we put the correct fuel into our bodies!

Take ownership of your body, your health, and your wellness. Take ownership of your food, your activity, and your ability to feel good. NO ONE will care more about it than you, so make the choice to become the proud owner of your amazing body and start taking care of you better than you take care of your car. Then, watch the magic unfold. 

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