The Running with Bacon Online Community

Group Health Coaching

It’s time to feel better…

What little time you DO have for the gym just isn’t enough to even count, but you wanna feel better and (let’s be real) look better, without having to overhaul your entire life.

You don’t have to!

By making small changes in your life, you’ll watch as they add up to huge results.

But what if…

You already know what to do, but struggle with consistency or motivation or accountability?

You’re wishing it could just be easy and then you’d stop procrastinating and do it already.

It was so much easier before adulting, right?

Then you’re human…

And you’re a PERFECT FIT!

“This is the most active I’ve been in a long long long while. Probably since pre kids.”

Emily L.

In the RWBOC, you’ll…

bring back your confidence that you CAN get healthy and live a normal, spontaneous life.

You’ll show up with more energy for yourself, your family and your work because you won’t be beating yourself up for “doing it wrong” or not doing enough to really matter.

Getting healthy can be easy AND fun!

Yep, it doesn’t have to suck!

Healthy doesn’t have to mean deprivation.

Ready yet?

Yes, Sign me up!

What’s Included

Unfortunately, *bacon is NOT included* in your membership … it’s a logistical nightmare, I tell ya!

But here’s what IS included for just $64/month:

Daily Workouts

Save time by never having to search for a workout again!

Each week you’ll get the 7-day workout plan, curated from fitness apps, popular fitness channels and some Coach Mack originals.

Let Coach Mack sift through the hundreds of thousands of workouts out there and deliver them to you each and every week.

Plus it’ll keep you from getting bored – variety is the spice of life! With all kinds of workouts from cardio, strength training, yoga, barre, cardio, kickboxing and more, you may end up finding out you enjoy them.

Weekly Live Workout

Every Saturday morning Coach Mack hosts a live workout via Zoom.

Come as you are, usually with no equipment needed, and start your weekend with a fun sweat sesh!

She’ll talk you through the exercises as she challenges you to new strengths and fitness levels.

Plus you’ll get to hang out with other RWBOC members!

Live Weekly Coaching

Ever feel like hump day is more like insurmountable-mountain day?

The live weekly coaching called the #WinWednesday segment is the solution! It’s ~10-15min of live coaching in the group where I’ll coach you on strategies to better health.

Not only does it give you a win for the day but it helps keep the momentum going all week strong!

Monthly Progress Updates

It’s not easy to see the changes in ourselves as we get back in shape. So each month you can complete a progress form to objectively measure your progress toward your goals.

It includes (but isn’t limited to) bodyweight, body measurements, images, and ratings on 1-10 scales.

Monthly Challenges

Keep the boredom at bay with these changing challenges.

Examples of challenges are exercise rep challenges, Sober October, hydration challenges and more.

Choose to participate in them all, or only the ones that appeal to you and your goals. 

Monthly Q&A/Coaching Session

Bring any/all health related questions to these Zoom sessions.

Get coached live by Coach Mack, troubleshoot your struggles, share your successes, and most of all – have fun doing it!

Food Education

Every week we cover food related info, myths, and fads so you can decide what’s right for you

Half the battle is sifting through the endless amount of information so we use these weekly posts to remove the confusion around food.


In addition to the food education each week, the RWBOC has a resident nutritionist inside the group to give us the food facts and the delicious recipes!

Quarterly Goal Setting

Even though we take a long-term approach to health, having short-term goals helps keep progress in the forefront and gives us a reason to celebrate the wins!

Each quarter come up with your own 3-month goal to work toward, share it with the group, then give and receive accountability and motivation toward that goal.

Motivation & Accountability

Being in a group of health-minded people is like being on a team again – it reinforces your efforts to getting healthy in a sustainable and FUN way!

You’ll both give and receive motivation and accountability from not only Coach Mack as your health coach, but also fellow members.

“Coach Mack revived my desire to workout, stay committed and most importantly reach my health goals. She’s my partner and inspiration in the trenches to get healthy and STAY healthy!”

Sarah J.

"It did put things into perspective. If you're doing more than before and developing better habits, you're heading in the right direction!"

Ward A.

"Thank you for the motivation, which i didn't know had been lacking for so long. I've been working with a trainer for 3 years, but have never been consistent with the weekly follow through after our sessions."

Sarah W.

"11 mile training run done. That wind was strong, but I was stonger!"

Betsy F.

"I went back through my Fitbit history and this is the most active week I've had in over a year! I'm loving it!"

Sarah W.



Questions You May Have

So this is a new kind of thing for you, and you’ve got questions. Here are a few questions that may be floating around in your head, along with some info about them.

What's the time commitment? I'm already really busy!

If you’re wondering how you’re going to make time for this when you hardly have time for the gym and some days you hardly even have time to shower.

Then the RWBOC is exactly what can help!

Getting heatlhy doesn’t require hours, or even one hour, in the gym each day.

My coaching revolves around setting up your life and your habits so getting healthy becomes more automatic (thus saving you time).

In addition, everything is kept in the Facebook community so you can absorb it on your own time. If you can’t make the live coaching, the recordings are posted in the group AND you get a summary email each week to get the highlights.

Is the RWBOC For Me?

If you’re tired of being disappointed in one diet after another and one workout program after another, this is for you.

The RWBOC isn’t another diet program or culty workout thing (yeah, you Crossfit).

Instead, it’s real life things to implement and change the way you’re getting healthy, in a way that works.

You aren’t the same person you were 5, 10, or even 20 years ago, so getting healthy isn’t going to look the same either. It doesn’t require hours-long workouts and lifting sessions, and who has time for that anyways?!

Duration of Membership

For as long as you’re a member of the RWBOC your membership will remain $47/month, even if prices increase over time – your price will remain at this rate.

You can cancel at anytime with no hard feelings. If I’m not coaching you to better health, then I’m not doing my job!

See you on the inside!

You don’t have to wait until Monday to start this, sign up today and get started!

It’s only $64/month for access to the most fun health club on the interwebs.

Start getting healthy, the FUN way, today!