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Summer Slim Down

If you’re cringing at the thought of putting on a swimsuit, let’s do something about it, yeah?


I’ve got my sights set on summer!

Maybe it’s Covid, maybe it’s the seemingly endless winter …

But with only a month ’til summer, I’m committing to shedding some pounds to get ready.

Not with a crazy diet or super intense workout plan.

But with living a mostly healthy lifestyle for the next 3 months.

Wanna join me in slimming down?

If you’re tired of swimsuit season sneaking up on you the past few years, this is just the thing!

With time left to slim down we’ll be ready for the salty air and palm trees…

or for pretending you’re at the beach while Alexa plays ocean sounds on the back patio.

Either way, get that floppy hat and those cat eye sunnies ready!

This isn’t a magic diet pill!

You won’t drop 10 pounds in 10 days. And there won’t be any 7minute abs.

But there also won’t be the deprivation or the meticulous tally of every calorie or macro.

Instead, there will be a small, intimate group of women all on the same mission to lose a few pounds in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment.

If you have trouble sticking to it…

You’re not alone!

That’s one of the biggest hurdles to getting and staying healthy – we want results YESTERDAY!

But with the variety and fun group atmosphere, you’ll find yourself wanting to show up!

“I’m totally noticing changes.. I feel stronger, and my jeans are fitting better! Also, I love these workouts, the variety and taking the decision making out of what I should do each day has been AWESOME.”

Mary H.

Sound like just the thing?

Yep, I'm in!

It’s not (only) about the weight loss…

Don’t get me wrong, we will be slimming down!

But you’ve been running from play date to play date, leaving no time to actually get a run in like you used to.

So with summer around the corner, you’re finally ready to feel strong again, in shape again, and confident again…

and rocking that tasteful (and in-style) high waisted two piece!

Sometimes it’s easier to show up for others!

You’ve been putting yourself on the back burner for a while now, that seems to come with the territory of a career and a family.

But it’s time to start showing up!

In the beginning it’ll be because Coach Mack is motivating you…

Then it’ll be because you want to show up for the women in the group that you’ve been having so much fun with…

And by the end you’ll be showing up for YOU!

Hear how the Summer Slim Down is helping Mary after a season of loss.

What’s Included

Unfortunately, *bacon is NOT included* in the program … it’s a logistical nightmare, I tell ya!

But for the total cost of the three month program (3 monthly payments of $250 or save 10% with a one-time payment of $675) here’s what IS included :


Save the time and stress of figuring out your workout plan as you receive a week-by-week workout plan (30min per day).

Plus join Coach Mack every Saturday morning for a virtual 30-min workout via Zoom – no special equipment required, just show up ready to sweat!

Recordings will be made available in the group.

Weekly Coaching

An hour-long weekly coaching session via Zoom to keep you on track.

Share your progress for the week, ask questions, troubleshoot issues, and get coached on various topics like recovery, nutrition, healthy habit building and more.

Recordings of the calls will be made available in the group.

2 Sessions with Coach Mack

To fast-track your progress, make the most of the program by utilizing these two 45min sessions however you want!

Get 1-on-1 coaching during a hard week; at the beginning and end of the three months; or however else you want to use them to get help slimming down.


Being in a group of other health-minded women makes getting healthier easier – it reinforces your efforts to getting healthy in a sustainable and FUN way!

You’ll both give and receive motivation and accountability from not only Coach Mack as your health coach, but also fellow women in the group.

The Summer Slim Down has Bobbi Jo feeling strong!

Sign me up!

Questions You May Have:

What's the time commitment?

If you’re wondering how you’re going to make time for this when you hardly have time for the gym and some days you hardly even have time to shower.

Then this group program can help!

Getting heatlhy doesn’t require hours, or even one hour, in the gym each day.

My coaching revolves around setting up your life and your habits so getting healthy becomes more automatic (thus saving you time).

And you can consider the weekly calls your “me time” because you’ll come out of them re-energized and ready to stay on track!

In addition, everything is kept in the Facebook community so you can absorb it on your own time.

Is this program for me?

If you’re tired of being disappointed in one diet after another and one workout program after another, this is for you.

This isn’t another diet program or culty workout thing (yeah, I’m talking to you, Crossfit).

Instead, it’s real life things to implement and change the way you’re getting healthy, in a way that works.

You aren’t the same person you were 5, 10, or even 20 years ago, so getting healthy isn’t going to look the same either. It doesn’t require hours-long workouts and lifting sessions, and who has time for that anyways?!

Am I guaranteed to lose weight?

While I would love to guarantee everyone lose the excess weight they’ve been carrying around for years, I simply can’t make the guarantee that you’ll lose 10 pounds.

But I can guarantee that if you’re willing to put in the little bit of effort that this program asks of you, you’ll come out of it feeling better about your health than you have in a long time.

“I’m doing [the Summer Slim Down] with Coach Mack now, and loving it! I wasn’t sure if 30 min a day would have an impact but I saw results in the first week!

Amanda T.

See you on the inside!

You don’t have to wait until you’re in the (virtual) dressing room trying on swimsuits to make this decision.

Sign up today and we’ll get started on Saturday!

Can't wait!