Confident Resistance Training in 6 Weeks


Bring on the Sprint

Living a healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint.

BUT sometimes a focused sprint can be just the thing you need to gain momentum.

For 6 weeks we’re focusing on resistance training basics – exercise technique, training methods, creating your own workout, and more – so you can confidently go into any gym with ZERO fear of the weights.

Program Overview

Learn how to properly resistance train in the safe, non-judgmental environment and comfort of your own home.

PLUS get the added accountability you’ve been needing from Coach Mack.

Wondering if this Fit Sprint is right for you?

Having spent five years as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach helping athletes reach peak performance, I (Coach Mack) basically lived in the weight room (~12 hours/day). Now as a health coach I want to help you become more comfortable in the weight room.

Resistance training is integral to a balanced, healthy lifestyle ESPECIALLY for women and I’m excited to offer this program as a way to get you acquainted with – and, if I do my job right, fall in love with – lifting weights.

What equipment do I need?

To take full advantage of this resistance training program, I recommend you have a set of what you would consider light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. If you have additional pairs in between, even better!

If you have additional forms of resistance – bands, TRX, kettlebells, etc. – the principles you learn will be applicable to those as well.

How does the program work?

Each week you’ll have a video lesson on what I’m calling the informational part of resistance training (the why) and the tactical portion (the what).

The full 6-week workout plan is provided and is designed for you to go through it one week at a time. The two ~30minute resistance training sessions are based on what is covered in the video lessons for the week.

Questions, interactions and accountability is welcomed with me (Coach Mack)!

Will I get bulky during this program?

In short, no.

As we’ll cover in the program, it’s typically difficult for women to get the ‘bulky’ look without a significant amount of energy and training dedicated to bulking up.

Does this program cover any powerlifting, Olympic lifting or barbell techniques?

Because this program is meant to be done in the comfort of your own home, I do not expect you to have a full gym set up – dumbbells will suffice. While I may mention these types of training, they won’t be a part of this program.


"I loved it. It was exactly what I needed. It feels so fucking good to feel STRONG."

Mary H.

"Starting an exercise/health routine can feel overwhelming, but Coach Mack really gives you the small steps to make it work and removes all the guesswork."

Bobbi Jo C.

"The best part of the coaching I received, was her attention to detail and making me feel like I was the only one she was coaching."

Angela M.

"Coach Mack's coaching is very focused on feeling stronger and more confident and taking care of your body instead of fighting against it!"

Ayesha S.

The cost of a 6 week program with a personal trainer to learn resistance training basics can cost $600 or more!

You can get better instruction and trainings for those basics AND have more fun in this program learning from Coach Mack for just