Sustainable Weight Loss Goals for Busy Moms this New Year

Jan 5, 2023 | Consistency, Ownership

The new year is a time of fresh starts and resolutions, but allow me to be the health coach who’s here reminding you to be realistic. If you’re looking to lose weight, it won’t happen overnight! Most weight loss – and resolutions to lose weight – fail because our expectations have us set up for disappointment. Healthy weight loss is a slow process that takes time and consistency. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and full of rewards along the way. Read on to find out how busy moms can make sustainable weight loss goals in the new year! 

Stay Realistic 

When planning your weight loss goals for the new year, it’s crucial to stay realistic about what you can achieve in a given amount of time. A reasonable goal for healthy weight loss is one half to one pound per week. Yes, more is possible, but losing more than that generally isn’t sustainable or healthy long term. If you have more than five pounds you want to lose, understand that it will take longer than just January to reach your goals so adjust your timeline – and your expectations – accordingly.

Create Short-Term Milestones 

In order to keep yourself motivated while achieving your long-term goals, create short-term milestones that you can look forward to as rewards along the way. For instance, if your ultimate goal is 30 pounds of fat loss over the course of six months, create smaller goals like 5-pound increments every month or 10-pound increments every two months so that you have something tangible to look forward to as you progress towards your larger goal. 

Plan a date with yourself with no kids, or a date night with your hubs, or even a new pair of fast pants (IYKYK) to stay motivated to hit the treadmill. This will help keep you motivated and remind yourself why all this hard work is worth it!  

Find Support 

It’s always helpful when trying to achieve any kind of goal – especially those related to health – to seek out support from those around you who want the best for you and want to see you succeed. Whether it’s family members or friends who are also striving towards similar goals or an online support group made up of people with similar interests and ambitions, having someone there who understands what it’s like and can encourage you when times get tough makes a huge difference!

No matter what anyone tells you, no one should ever expect overnight results or quick fixes when it comes to health—especially weight loss! Be realistic about what progress might look like over the course of a few weeks or even months so that it feels achievable and sustainable instead of overwhelming. Celebrate each milestone along the way—even if they’re small ones—and don’t forget about all the amazing benefits that come with being healthier (like increased energy levels and improved mood!). 

And if you’re sitting there reading this saying, “I know Coach Mack, but I’ve tried all this and it doesn’t work for me,” then here’s my advice: try something different! Hire a coach, join a gym, sign up for a half marathon… whatever it is that you’re afraid to do because you don’t want to disappoint yourself (or the coach) DO IT ANYWAY this year. Get out of your comfort zone and have THIS year be the year you get to your goals. 

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