The Benefits of Group Programs for Busy Moms

Feb 9, 2023

Are you a busy mom looking for support, accountability and a sense of community as you’re prioritizing your health again? If so, joining a group program may be just the thing to help you succeed. Mom guilt makes it difficult to put yourself first gain, but group programs are becoming increasingly popular among busy mommas due to their many benefits. Read on to discover how joining a group program can help you reach your goals.

Community and Support

One of the biggest benefits of joining a group program is the sense of community and support that it provides. You know the saying about your kids – that it takes a village … well, when we’re part of a supportive community with similar goals, we often feel encouraged and motivated to work towards our own goals (it takes a village for us as women, too!).

Additionally, being part of a group allows us to share our struggles and successes with others who have experienced or are experiencing similar situations. It’s SOOO easy to feel alone on your weight loss journey, but a group program gives us an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and get advice when needed, namely that we’re NOT in it alone. We have support


Another great benefit of joining a group program is that it provides accountability. We’re more likely to stick with our goals if there are people around us encouraging us to keep going even when things get tough. Having someone else hold us accountable can make all the difference in reaching our goals because it helps keep us from giving up when things get challenging. It also makes it easier for us to stay on track and stay focused on what we need to do in order to achieve success.

With a group program, like the one I offer called Fitter Faster, you not only have the benefit of accountability from fellow women in the program, but also from me! As soon as you enroll in the program, you’ve got yourself a health coach… a guide on this journey to help you get results faster.


Finally, one of the most appealing benefits of joining a group program is that it’s often less expensive than individual coaching sessions (some personal trainers charge hundreds of dollars per session!). This makes it much more affordable for busy moms may not have the budget for individualized coaching services – a personal trainer, a nutritionist, an accountability coach, a mindset coach and more. Joining a group program means that you can benefit from many of the same services at a fraction of the cost!

In Fitter Faster, I gather guest experts who help contribute to the group as well, so there’s no shortage of resources and expertise in the group. You’ll get all your questions answered, and some you didn’t even know you had!

Group programs offer many wonderful benefits that can be extremely helpful for busy moms trying to reach their health goals. They provide community and support, accountability, cost-effectiveness, as well as an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and make new friends! So if you’re looking for a different approach to your weight loss or getting in shape, consider joining a group program today! It just might be exactly what you need!

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