The Fall Fit Up Changed My Life

Dec 2, 2021 | Beliefs, Ownership

A few weeks ago brought the end of the Fall Fit Up, my 3-month group coaching program.

It’s where a small group of 10 women commit to themselves (and their health) for 3 months with me.


For me.

From their feedback on the program, it is for them as well (more on that for another blog post), but it is absolutely life changing for me.

See, on our last call of the Fall Fit Up, I rounded out the call by telling the women how proud I am of them, and how much I am awed by them, and how much they mean to me.

Because they are what I wish my mom had when she was raising a family.

Meet My Mom and My Mission

My mom is a saint – I’ll say it up front, and I can say it a million more times and it’s no less true. She’s incredible. 

She selflessly raised four children (five if you count my dad ;)) and sacrificed so much of herself to see us succeed and have a good life and upbringing.

For decades now I’ve watched her take care of everyone around her before she’ll take care of herself. She endlessly gives and gives and gives to everyone except herself. Her family is what drives her, and she has the ability to make us all feel so deeply and unconditionally loved. 

And while I am forever grateful to her, I am also on a mission to show women that successfully raising a family doesn’t require self-sacrifice. It doesn’t require endlessly giving yourself without giving to yourself, too. 

In fact, I believe taking care of yourself as a mom is one of the best things you can do for your family because it’s exactly what your family wants of you – to be the best mom possible. 

And that means being the best version of you possible. Neglecting yourself, your physical health, your mental health, your needs/wants is not going to equate to being the best version of yourself.

So as I was telling these women how much I admire them and am grateful for them, I also shared that I wished my mom had a group like them when she was raising our family. I wish she had the dedicated support of a group of women like this who could sympathize and empathize and encourage and cheer her on.

I know the times were different… you couldn’t meet a random group of women on the internet who were all ready to commit to themselves for three months (she started a family in the pre-internet days).

There also wasn’t really an idea of self-care, let alone the self-care mentality that there is today, so a group program like mine would have been nearly unheard of.

Beyond Powerful

But I firmly believe a group of women coming together for a cause is beyond powerful. And in the case of my 3-month program, the cause is you… your health…taking care of yourself and becoming more of the best version of you possible.

When women make a conscious decision to be the best versions of themselves, it has a ripple effect into their family, their neighborhood, their community, and everywhere else they’re involved (work, business, church, etc).

A woman who chooses to take the best care of herself serves as a model for her children to learn how to take good care of themselves. To prioritize their health so they, in turn, can be their best selves.

All it takes is one generation of women to show what’s possible and the health of the world can change for the better. 

We can eat better food, we can treat our bodies better, we can think more highly of ourselves, we can ask for help when we need it, and we can lift each other up.

So when I say that my program is life changing, I mean it in the humblest, most appreciative way possible because there is another way to live as a woman in this world and I’m honored that I get to be a part of paving that way.

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