Let me guess, it’s already February, you’ve already fallen off the resolution wagon, and you’re already feeling down on yourself that you’re not where you thought you’d be.

And one more guess – that you’ve been here before… like every February in the last eight years.

If that sounds all too familiar, this post is for you.

Really, this post can benefit just about anyone, but if those first few lines hit you like a punch to the gut, then this is really for you.

Just Start – It’s That Simple

I know, I know. 

You’re reading that and thinking if it was that f****** simple, why can’t you just get it together already, right?

Or that you tried to start, and yet here you are, no further ahead than when you began on Jan 1.

And I feel you.

I’ve been there.

But the reality of it is, all you have to do is start.

Start today, right now (err, after you’re done reading this anyways).

Go for a walk, or a run, or do a bodyweight circuit. If you’re stuck on the ‘what’ then email me – I’ll respond, I promise (unless it goes to junk/spam – I don’t check there very often).

That’s just it though – it’s not the ‘what’ that matters, it’s just that you do something, and you do it today.

Just start.

Promise Me This

Okay, I’ve made you a promise (feel free to test it out 😉 and email me), but now I need you to make me a promise in return.

It’s kind of a two part promise, but totally worth it.

Promise me you’ll stop over thinking it… and by overthinking it, I mean telling yourself that [insert activity] doesn’t count because it’s not hard enough, doesn’t make you sweat enough, didn’t rack up enough minutes in your Apple watch, or whatever other excuse you’re telling yourself.

That’s the two parts: over thinking, and thinking it doesn’t count.

Because if you’re questioning if an activity counts toward your healthy efforts, you’re already over thinking it.

And likely, that’s how you’ve ended up here, yet again this year (speaking from experience here).

You started out strong and were sticking to the plan. And it was a good plan – getting in a workout 4-5 days per week (up from mayyyybee 1 if you were lucky) and cleaning up your diet.

So you got a fitness app, have spent Sundays meal prepping and everything was going smoothly.

Until it wasn’t. And then you fell off the wagon hard.

Because you told yourself if you weren’t racking up 4 workouts per week, it wouldn’t matter if you did only two. So what’s the point?

Except that’s exactly the point!

If you were doing two workouts per week, up from zero (let’s be real) you’re WINNING!!!

But because your plan was 4-5 times per week, you feel like you’re failing.

Rethink Your Plan

See how backwards that sounds?

You are succeeding in doing more toward getting healthy (twice per week up from zero), yet you feel like you’re failing. 

And it’s all because of overthinking it, making it more complicated than it needs to be.

So here’s an idea for a new plan: each day when you wake up, have a plan to move your body in some way, shape or form.

It doesn’t matter how long, or what it is, or how much you sweat. Just move.

And the next day, repeat.

And so on.

The key is to just start… now, GO!

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