Your Weight Is Not Your Worth

Oct 14, 2021 | Beliefs

You’ve likely heard a form of this headline a hundred times already – your weight is not your worth; your weight does not determine your worth; and other variations.

But this isn’t a blog post like many of those others that you’ve seen which blissfully cheer you on and tell you your weight doesn’t matter.

It does matter.

There I said it… your weight matters.

Because YOU matter.

It’s 1,000% true that your weight is not your worth (and every other variation of that statement).

But it’s not an allowance for believing your weight doesn’t matter.


Yes, you!


I said it again because I want you to start believing it, just like I believe it.

And because you matter, so does your weight.

You are your best when you are healthy and vibrant and full of energy and all the things that make you, you!

Which means if you’re at an unhealthy weight, if you’re tired of carrying around extra weight, if your weight is keeping you from showing up how you want in life, then it absolutely matters.

Because YOU matter.

You showing up fully in this world and bringing your true, incredible self to this life matters a whole lot.

We need you, YOU matter.

Not A Weight Loss Gimmick

I’ll say it again, your weight is not your worth.

And I don’t think it ever should be.

But as I’m writing, I’m not thinking about your worth from an outside perspective, or how other people see/treat you. 

I’m thinking of how you judge your worth, how you take care of yourself (or don’t take care of yourself for that matter).

You are worthy of taking care of. YOU MATTER!!! (do you believe it yet???)

You are worthy of feeling great, you are worthy of showing up confidently – no matter your weight.

But if your weight is holding you back from doing that, then it matters, because YOU matter.

Get A Little Selfish

Not that you need my permission, but I’m giving it anyways – start being a little more selfish.

If your weight is holding you back in any regard – not having the energy to do things you want to do, or care for those around you like you wish, or show up for friends/family events like you’ve envisioned. 

If your weight has you hiding in pictures (or taking neck-up photos only), if your lack of confidence holds you back from starting that YouTube channel or if your insecurities have you hesitant to initiate sexy time…

Start being more selfish. Start taking care of yourself as a non-negotiable. Start scheduling in time to do things for YOU.

Because YOU matter.

And when you get a little selfish, you may find it actually enables you to show up more selflessly for those around you. It’s the old saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Imagine getting to a place where those insecurities no longer plague you (regardless of your weight), where you show up with more confidence and energy than ever, where you feel great!

When you start caring for yourself – moving your body, eating foods that make you feel good, taking care of your mental and emotional health – you’ll find you start showing up more fully for this life.

We need that from you, the world needs that from you, your friends and family want that for you.

Because YOU matter.

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