Packages and Pricing


Depending on the level of accountability you need to keep on track, I check in daily, weekly, or monthly to see how you’re sticking to your plan. Most commonly, people begin with weekly 30min calls plus daily texts/reminders/tips and as they progress they move to bi-weekly or monthly calls.


We all begin with the best of intentions but then life gets in the way. By planning out your healthier habits, we’ll turn them into non-negotiables. The weekly accountability check-ins are where we’ll make your plan for the week and daily check-ins see how you’re coming along with your plan.


Not knowing what to do will no longer be an excuse. As part of your planning, we’ll plan out specifically what your workouts for the week will be, if/how you’ll alter your eating habits, and how to go about creating the self-control and consistency that will get you to your goals.

Small Group Coaching

You’re ready to finally get back in shape, but you don’t want to go it alone.

Look no further!

This 3-month program with a small group of women is just the thing.

The Fall Fit Up is currently open for enrollment!!


(Group Coaching)

In the Running with Bacon Online Community (RWBOC) you’re with like-minded people who are all on their own journeys to getting healthy.

While it’s mostly delivered in a Facebook community, as long as you have email you’ll get all the goods!


Never search for a workout again – you’ll get a weekly workout plan (all 7 days), each week!

Plus a life workout with Coach Mack each week.


Get nutrition info, tips and delicious (and healthy) recipes! Bonus: We have a RWBOC nutritionist!


Both Coach Mack and your fellow members will hold you accountable and motivate you to stick to your plan.


Not much time to be in the group? That’s ok! Each week you get a recap of all the info and the goings-on from the group.


per month

1 On 1 Coaching

You’ve found your groove when it comes to your family, relationships, and career.

Now you’re ready to put yourself back up on that priority list – it’s been a while, ya?

Except instead of running for miles, you’re running from play date to play date and aren’t sure where to fit it in.

That’s where I come in – we’ll come up with a strategy to fit healthy into your life, and then make sure you keep on track to reach your goals.

Weekly Coaching Calls

30 minutes with me each week for planning (workouts, meals, goals, etc), support (including mindset and limiting belief work) and troubleshooting. 


Gain access to me for those random times when questions pop-up or you just need some extra support/motivation. Plus I check in with you several times per week!

Join the Group!

It won’t just be me helping you on this journey, you’ll be in the Running with Bacon Online Community as well!

To get started with one-on-one coaching, you must either book a call using the link above, or email me.

Determining if we’re a good fit is the first step of us working together one-on-one!

“Working with Coach Mack not only helped me get faster in the pool during my collegiate career, but she also changed the way I look at working out. I was the athlete who was always a little too intense at practice or at competitions. She helped me let loose and have some fun, knowing we could still achieve amazing results. It was with her workouts under my belt that I had one of my best seasons ever, filled with personal records!
I carry that mindset with me still, six years later. Working out should be fun, not miserable! She does just that with her high intensity and shining personality. If you’re willing to put in the work, you will for sure get the results you’re looking for!”
Lexi Spivak

“I worked out with Coach Mack for months as she designed unique workouts daily that helped me become healthier. She made the workouts challenging and fun, she even helped hold me accountable by coming to my house to pick me up for sessions! With her, I gained strength and a new friend.

I’m so thankful for her expertise – her motivation and creativity are huge reasons why I stuck to it and achieved the results! She’s generous with her time, knowledge, and laughs; she over delivers for sure!”

Caren Martin

Nine Ways to Get Moving in Just 5 Minutes

Between work, family and catching the latest Real Housewives episode, who even has time to go to the gym these days??

Grab these 9 ways to get moving and start getting fit again in just five minutes!

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